Explore French Immersion in NOLA!

An overview of French immersion programs in New Orleans

Not less than five schools in New Orleans offer bilingual language immersion programs. Designed for children of many backgrounds, these immersion programs offer students the opportunity to take classes in both English and French. Because subjects such as math, science, or history are taught in French in these immersion programs, French becomes the medium of instruction rather than a foreign language.

Today, bilingual education is unquestionably the most original and effective solution to meet the challenge of opening the United States to the French language and the Francophone world.

The benefits of bilingual education are now recognized by all. Alongside greater open-mindedness and improved cognitive and intellectual agility, those who benefit from bilingual education are better positioned to access top-tier universities and gain entry into an increasingly globalized job market.

School Type? Grades served? Vision & value?... Discover the 5 French programs where you can enroll your children in New Orleans :

Download Audubon Charter School Booklet

PDF - 301.2 kb
(PDF - 301.2 kb)

Download Ecole Bilingue de La Nouvelle-Orléans Booklet

PDF - 258.5 kb
(PDF - 258.5 kb)

Download Edward Hynes Charter School Booklet

PDF - 255.3 kb
(PDF - 255.3 kb)

Download International School of Louisiana Booklet

PDF - 255.9 kb
(PDF - 255.9 kb)

Download Lycée Français de La Nouvelle-Orléans Booklet

PDF - 234.1 kb
(PDF - 234.1 kb)

Watch “Explore French immersion in NOLA” an information session with the school’s representatives to better understand differences and complementarity between the 5 programs:

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