Xavier University [fr]

1) Les programmes courts

  • Art and architecture Paris & Prague
  • Francophone studies Paris&Dakar
  • Religious diversity in Europe Paris and Spain
  • History and memory Paris & Berlin
  • Paris Prague European Cinema
  • Institut catholique de Paris, intensive French language
  • American business school

    Business (KEI)

    Law & Diplomacy (KEI)

    Fashion Styling & Merchandizing (KEI)

  • French Language & General Studies
  • Business French and culture
  • French culture and society (CEA Paris center)
  • French language
  • International business
  • Grenoble université Stendhal et Chamonix centre universitaire d’etudes francaises
  • Centre international d’Antibes - CEA

    Français et culture

2) Les programmes longs (6mois à un an)

Université catholique de Paris

  • French language immersion (CEA)
  • Langue et culture française (AIFS)
  • French studies (Global learning semesters)

Paris IV-Cours de la civilisation française de la Sorbonne (AIFS-CEA)

  • French language and culture (CEA)
  • intensive french (CEA)


  • contemp french studies
  • critical + francophone studies
  • Contemp music creation and critique Paris
  • Language and culture

Institut catholique de Paris

  • French language and liberal arts (ISA)

American Business school

American Graduate School

  • International relations politics and business (Arcadia Study abroad)

CEA Paris center

  • Liberal arts social sciences

CEA Paris center et Novancia

  • international business

CEA Paris center & Paris IV

  • French & liberal arts


  • Beginning language
  • Intermediate
  • Business and international affairs
  • French studies

Paris Dauphine

  • Internship - Boston university study

Sciences Po

  • Contemporary studies - Boston university study

Global learning semesters

  • Global business semester
  • Semester in Europe :

    Business, art, interntational relations, French, French studies , International business

AIFS multicountry program including France :

  • Business and politics in the EU
  • European art and architecture
  • Fashion marketing and merchandising


  • Rennes II

    Liberal arts CIEE


  • Business School CIEE
  • Toulouse I

    Business and culture CIEE

Institut catholique

  • Language community and social change SIT Study abroad


  • Ecole de management

    international business CEA

    business studies CEA-AIFS

  • Univeristé Stendhal G3

    Intensive French CEA

    French language and culture CEA-AIFS

    Language & liberal arts - Boston University study

Aix en Provence

  • Aix Marseille III

    French language & culture CEA

    Intensive French CEA

  • Institut for American universities

    Liberal arts CEA

    Studio Art CEA

  • Aix Center of humanities and Social sciences

• Université catholique de Lille
French language, business, social and natural sciences, engineering, and humanities

Sophia Antipolis
Sciences and engineering

• Collège international - AIFS
art history,
French cinema,
French language,
political science and sociology


  • Arles
  • Nantes

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