Why choose France for business?

Every year, around 630 foreign investment projects are launched in France. Some 20,000 international companies have already chosen for France as their business destination. Why choose France? Because it is a land of innovation and creativity centrally located in the heart of Europe that offers a skilled workforce, a high quality of living and competitive business advantages.

World’s 5th largest economy

With almost 63 million citizens and a surface area of 550,000 km², France is the 5th largest economy in the world, whose GDP reached approximately 2, 515 billion euros in 2008. More than one million businesses have been set up over the past 5 years, which equates to 550 new companies every day. The 20,000 international companies that already operate in France benefit from the many advantages offered by the French economy.

Getaway for your business in Europe

Some 10,500 kilometers of motorway, 1 million kilometers of roads, 2,000 kilometers of high-speed train (TGV) tracks and 6 international airports ─ France has one of the highest performing transportation infrastructures in the world, which makes it an ideal gateway into the European Union, the world’s largest market with 493 million consumers. France is the 5th world maritime trader, with a total of 384,7 million tons of merchandises shipped in 2007.

Productive workforce

Contrary to popular misconceptions, the French work harder and more efficiently than many other countries. With one of the highest productivity rates in the world, lower number of strike days than in the US and relaxed working hour regulations, France offers one of the best GDP rates per working hour in the whole of Europe.

Source of innovation

Frances dedicates almost 2.2% of its GDP to innovation, putting it in 4th place worldwide and ahead of the UK, Spain and Italy. In terms of public spending, France is among the leaders in OECD countries, ahead of the United States.

International clusters

France competitive clusters were launched in 2005 to favour France’s capacity for innovation, a key factor in competitiveness. The clusters offer a privileged partnership environment, enabling private businesses, research laboratories, universities, and academic institutions to work together as a network. They offer investors extremely favourable conditions in which to set up their business activity. As from July 5, 2007, France now has 71 clusters.

One of the lowest costs of setting-up

Business start-up costs in France are some of the lowest in Europe. France is ranked 5th in terms of economic attractiveness, after Mexico, Canada, the United States and Australia. Why choose France? Because of its competitive energy, transportation, real estate and employee costs.

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Last modified on 04/11/2010

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