Visit of Deputy Chief of Mission of France in the United States (20 April 2015) [fr]


The Deputy Chief of Mission, adjunct of the Ambassador of France in the United States, Frédéric Doré, visited Louisiana on Monday, April 20, 2015. He was warmly received by our colleagues in Louisiana on the occasion of this friendly visit.

First, Mr. Doré met with the Tricentennial Committee in the French Quarter. France will support the Tricentennial celebration, honoring the founding of the Crescent City by Le Moyne de Bienville in 1718. These festivities will be an international event, and a moment to remember the strength of the historical ties that unite France and Louisiana.

The Deputy Chief of Mission then awarded the National Order of Merit to Mr. Justin Augustine III, President of the Chamber of Commerce, as well as President of the Regional Transit Authority in New Orleans (Transdev). During a moving ceremony, organized in the beautiful New Orleans Museum of Art, Mr. Doré paid tribute to a great leader and CEO, who tirelessly contributed to the improvement of the transportation system of our city. This ceremony equally illustrated the contribution of a great French organization, Véolia-Transdev, to the economy and employment in Louisiana.



Finally, the Deputy Chief of Mission met representatives of CODOFIL and French Louisiana in Baton Rouge. Francophonie is not only a cultural treasure, but also an important economic and strategic asset for Louisiana.

Mr. Doré’s visit underlines the richness of the cooperation and the strength of the friendship between France and Louisiana!

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