The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the European Union

Reaction of M. Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister Delegate for European Affairs, attached to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

«The European Union has just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This award rewards a political construction without precedent in the history»

M Cazeneuve insisted on the fact that «the founding fathers of the European Union had dreamed of a community of values where peace, human dignity and human rights would be the heart of the political organization»

The European Union has been «a powerful peace factor for the central and eastern European countries that had recovered their freedom.»

«This Nobel Prize rewards the action for peace that Europe implemented since its creation». The European Union always strives in favor of peaceful disputes settlement, the respect of International laws and human rights.

«Europe must strengthen its economic and social ambitions» especially in the midst of this economic crisis. A «solidary integration» is necessary to improve its institutions which will intensify the solidarity among the European people.

Last modified on 12/10/2012

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