The France-Louisiana Agreement

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The France-Louisiana Agreement, are an important link between France and Louisiana in the linguistic and educational cooperation for 30 years.

The renewal for a four year period (2008/2012) of the France-Louisiana Agreement is the opportunity for France and Louisiana to reaffirm their collaboration in the educational, linguistic, cultural and audiovisual fields.

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The France-Louisiana Agreement
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This cooperation was made possible by the CODOFIL which aims to increase the utilization of the French language in Louisiana. For this reason, it hires more than a hundred teachers from French speaking countries in order to strengthen the French-speaking dimension of Louisiana.

This year, the public television LPB will also help to promote the French language with programming of French news and producing a new series on the history of French cinema.

The France-Louisiana Agreement were signed in Baton Rouge on Thursday, October 25th, with Xavier Darcos, French Minister of Education, Pierre Vimont, Ambassador of France in the US, Paul Pastorek, Superintendent of Louisiana Department of Education Warren Perrin, President of CODOFIL (Council for the Development of French in Louisiana), Lynda Johnson, President of Board of elementary and secondary education, and Beth Courtney, President of Louisiana Public Broadcasting.

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