The "Escadrille Louisiane" Project


"Escadrille Louisiane" is a project designed to train 200 teachers from Louisiana to teach French at all levels, from preschool to high school. The project makes use of the Teaching Assistant Program in France and the educational cooperation agreements that already exist between school districts in Louisiana and France, while also developping a spirit of cooperation between partner universities at the Master’s level. The program’s goal is to train 200 teacher by the year 2020, and the pilot program will be launched this fall in October 2011.

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10 students from Louisiana holding Bachelor of Arts degrees (with a major or minor in French or French studies) and also enrolled in a Master of Arts in Teaching program at Centenary College of Louisiana have been selected for positions as English-language teaching assistants in Rennes for the 2011-2012 school year. On top of their work as teaching assistants in the French public school system, these students will have the opportunity to observe a variety of classes at local schools and benefit from workshops revolving around these class observation sessions. They will take classes through the "Research in Teaching" module of the "Teaching Languages and Internationalization" Master’s program at the IUFM (Teacher’s College) of the University of Occidental Brittany, where they will also assist in teaching English to French students. During their time in France, the 10 students will also be able to take distance education courses through their home universities in the United States.

Regular video conferences between the Rennes IUFM and Centenary College of Louisiana will facilitate dialogue and cooperation between the universities, and will also ensure continued support for the participating students.

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