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While everybody is getting back to school, The Consulate General of France went over the last school year and made a brief summary of its actions during 2018-2019.
With 51 visits to french-immersion schools or just french classes all over Louisiana, the Consul General of France Mr. Vincent Sciama and the Cooperation Attaché for French Mr. Nicolas Torres wanted to get closer to realities by initiating fruitful exchanges with the educational community all over the state.
They are a plus to our existing programs which are specially designed to improve the influence of French in Louisiana like the French Dual Language Fund or the grants that we assign to students and teachers.

These trips had multiple goals like supporting the newly recruited teachers from CODOFIL, presenting the DELF, attending francophile events, promoting the teaching of french or even studying in France to students and parents.
It was a great opportunity to exchange with the teachers, students, superintendents, school heads, and coordinators but also to evaluate the achievements and the obstacles that the different programs had to face.

We want to make sure all the French teachers know that they have our full support. They are achieving tremendous work here!


All schools visited during 2018-2019

Don’t hesitate to mention any school that would like to have our support for any french teaching-related programs that they would come up with!

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