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Call for projects for the French Dual Language Fund is open for its 5th edition

The French Dual Language Fund , inaugurated in 2017 by President Emmanuel Macron in partnership with the FACE Foundation aims to expand and strengthen existing French dual language education programs throughout the country and support the launch of new programs.

$150,000 total will be distributed this year to fund projects that support French dual language and immersion programs in the United States.

The project should address one of these four specific program areas:

- Creating or developing a francophone environment in your school (for example, purchase of books, DVDs, or games for the francophone section of your school library OR organization of a francophone event such as film screenings, workshops with children’s or young adult authors, theater clubs, and more.)

- Adapted pedagogical material for the classroom (for example, curriculum supports such as software, DVDs, subscription to TV5, etc. for your French class or subject matter class adapted for French immersion, and more.)

- Professional development for teachers (for example, sending teachers to France to the CLA or CIEP, sending teachers to the CARLA summer institute, or supporting the facilitation of workshops with experts identified by the district or the school, and more.)

- Initial training or professional development for administrators (for example, participation by an administrator in a CARLA summer institute, supporting the school to invite external experts or consultants to provide council on development of the dual language program, and more).

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Last modified on 29/04/2020

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