Social Media Contest Rules & Eligibility Requirements

Contest Rules & Eligibility Requirements

Social Media

Updated: 5.7.16

- Contest winners must be at least 18 years of age.

- Winners must adhere to the instructions listed for the contest on Facebook and Twitter at the time of posting.

- The winner may be selected using an automatic online randomizing tool. For instance, Facebook commenters and Twitter hashtag users will be assigned a number and entered into the online tool, which appoints a winner at random.

- Only one number will be assigned to each participant.

- A participant is not allowed to enter the contest more than once. Participants that attempt to enter the contest more than once (e.g. through the creation of multiple accounts or repeatedly tweeting/commenting with the same information) risk being disqualified or banned from future social media contests, at the discretion of the Consulate General of France in Louisiana.

- Participants in the contest are expected to abide by all rules and requirements set forth by Facebook and Twitter, in addition to the rules outlined here.
- Facebook:
- Twitter:

- It is understood that the Consulate General of France in Louisiana is not responsible for any undesirable language or opinions expressed by the artists or contest participants at the time of the contest or the event, online or in person. All of our social media forums are monitored as closely as possible to eliminate the use of any language that may be offensive or disturbing to others. Violations should be reported to the social media platform (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) directly.

Bastille Day Date Night

- A minimum contribution of $5 is required to be considered eligible for the contest.
- Donations cannot be made "anonymous".
- Contestants must be 18 years old to enter, but 21 years old to check-in at the Hotel Indigo.
- Two winners will be chosen, each eligible for one complimentary standard room at the Hotel Indigo, as well as two complimentary tickets to the Bastille Day Fête and access to the VIP tent.
- Reservations at the Hotel Indigo must be made through Erin Meyer at Gift certificate must be produced.
- Reservations are valid through July 1, 2017 and are subject to hotel availability.
- Winner must collect gift certificate from the Consulate General of France in Louisiana.

Please refer any questions to Meagen Moreland-Taliancich, Communications Attachée, at

Last modified on 08/07/2016

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