"Silhouette" French Language Workshop with illustrator Sophie Glasser

Practice French while having fun! Renowned French illustrator, set designer, and artistic director Sophie Glasser will be at The French Library in New Orleans offering French workshops for children 5-8 based on her book "Le Gros Manuel".


Le Big Manuel: Activity with author Sophie Glasser

For children 5-8 years old

About the ’Silhouette’ activity:

The French Library will install a ’portable studio’, with a stool next to a large sheet of paper attached to the wall. Sophie will trace the outlines of each child on different colored paper, and then the children will cut out their profiles. Next, they will write a French word under each portrait that defines them.

About ’Le Big Manuel’:

Le Big Manuel proposed 182 activities to do as a family which motivate children to craft, cook, or experiment, depending on where their interests lie. All of the materials needed are simple and affordable: paint, pencils, paper, fabric, flour, butter... Le Big Manuel is an invitation to discover and be self-reliant. Each activity has two pages. On the right, directions are illustrated with a drawing. On the left, the blank space is for your personal notes: measurements, comments, sketches, pictures, alternative recipes...

About the author:

Sophie Glasser is a French illustrator and designer. While working as a craft editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine and Martha Stewart Kids magazine in the late 90s and early 2000s in New York, she immersed herself in American craft culture. When she returned to Paris, she decided to bring together the best of her French and American experiences to write and illustrate "Le Big Manuel": a book of 182 family activities that invites children of all ages to craft, cook, and experiment. She currently lives in France with her husband and two children.

As part of the program "French Getaways/l’école buissonnière", the Education Department of the French Embassy and the Consulates in the United States is pleased to offer workshops based on the Gros Manuel of renowned French illustrator, set designer, and artistic director Sophie Glasser

Sunday, November 12 at 3:30pm
Participation is free, but there is a limited number of spots available! Please sign up in person, over the phone or via email:

The French Library:
3811 Magazine Street, New Orleans, 70115


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