Salon de Jeanne d’Arc [fr]


September 19, 2015, the team behind the Joan of Arc Parade (Krewe of Joan of Arc) presented the “Salon de Jeanne d’Arc” at Loyola University. It was a day of debates, round tables, historical lectures and events around the beloved patron of New Orleans, who boasts a statue in the French Market...

The Consul General gave a lecture on the significance and image of Joan of Arc, a major historical figure and republican symbol in France, yesterday and today, alongside local author Bobby Matherne. It was a truly educational and entertaining occasion!

Vive la France ! Vive Jeanne d’Arc ! Vive La Nouvelle-Orléans !

You can find out more on the "Salon de Jeanne" at their website :



Last modified on 13/10/2015

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