Rencontres France-Acadie

March 21st and 22nd, La Cité, the convention center of Nantes, through a partnership with the City of Nantes and the Société Nationale de l’Acadie, will host the symposium “Rencontres France-Acadie”.


This event follows on from the “Grand Réveil Acadien” of Oct. 2011 in Louisiana. A delegation of Louisiana, including a group of students of the project “Escadrille Louisiane”, will go to Nantes for the occasion. This symposium, that is part of the program of “Nantes en Francophonie 2013”, also includes the International Francophonie Organisation and represents the involvement of France and Nantes in the preparation of the “Grand Congrés Mondial Acadien” of 2014 at Grand Pré in New Brunswick.

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Programme colloque Rencontres France-Acadie
(PDF - 987.5 kb)

Last modified on 14/03/2013

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