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Education for sustainable development is spreading in France to meet the challenges of climate change and biodiversity protection, which are the major issues of the upcoming decades.
The objective of the "Preserve ma Louisiane" prize of the Consulate General of France is to reward initiatives taken in that sphere by students and teachers.

The contest is for students in French immersion programs (approved by the AEFE or on American curriculum) and for students involved in learning French as a Foreign Language (FLE). A prize will be awarded for each of these two categories.

A prize of $ 500 will be awarded to each of the two winning classes ($ 1,000 in total). The prize may be used to purchase educational resources, to ensure the sustainability of the awarded project or to fund a school trip related to sustainable development in Louisiana.

A jury composed of a scientific personality, an educator and an association representative working for sustainable development will meet under the chairmanship of the Consul General. The names of the members of the jury will be announced later.
To decide, the jury will rely on the file "initiative DD" downloadable here: link (see sheet below)

The main elements taken into account in the evaluation will be:

  • The impact on the community and the environment
  • The long-term nature of the initiative
  • The interdisciplinary dimension (the link with the teachings)
  • The involvement of external partners

March 16, 2020: Deadline for applying

April: meeting of the jury and communication of the result

May: The award ($ 500) will be presented by the Consul General

A couple of examples...

A sustainable project to protect biodiversity like birdhouses, beehives, "insect hotels", tree plantations, organic gardens or vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, etc...
An action to promote environmentally friendly behaviors in the classroom like energy savings or fighting food waste in school cafeterias...


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