Partnership Opportunity: Paul Gauguin High School (Orléans, France) Sustainability Project

French high school is looking for a New Orleans partner for a sustainable development project, "Water is Gold".

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Orléans, France
ATOUT FRANCE/CRT Centre - Val de Loire/P. Duriez


  • Through the scope of sustainable development, encourage students to think about ways to preserve water and reduce its consumption.
  • Flooding is a climate-related phenomenon that concerns both cities, Orléans and New Orleans. Through this lens, this partnership opportunity aims to encourage a conversation on natural risks and their economic, ecological and human impact.
  • The role of business in sustainable development and its regulation.


  • Student coursework from both partner institutions will follow the aforementioned topics to ensure coherency and favor teamwork
  • Possibility to conduct Skype interviews with the partner school
  • Interviews with global entrepreneurs working on sustainability issues
  • Development of communication tools and documents (exhibitions, newspaper articles, slides, mind maps...)

Target Audience:

Paul Gauguin is a vocational High School which is seeking a group of students aged 16-29, enrolled in high school or college (specialty in management and administration preferred)


  • Foster an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to succeed
  • Develop language skills as a way to promote youth employment
  • Favor international mobility
  • Build ecological awareness among students to encourage them to become responsible citizens
  • Provide a concrete meaning to teaching to discourage high school dropouts
  • Provide an opportunity for a disadvantaged audience to gain international exposure, as a way to tackle social inequality
  • Discover the business world to promote youth employment
    * Presentation of the project to entrepreneurs for sponsorship
    * Compare French and American regulations
    * Raise awareness as to the importance of English in business

Exchange opportunity:

  • September-December 2019: Students from New Orleans travel to Orléans
  • First Semester 2020: Students from Orléans travel to New Orleans (possibly to coincide with Mardi Gras)


If interested, please contact Mme Janvier:

Last modified on 23/05/2019

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