Message from the Consul: December 8 2017

Mr. Vincent Sciama accompanied Mayor Mitch Landrieu and his municipal team to France to celebrate the historic ties between France and New Orleans.

" Dear Friends,

I have returned from France, where I accompanied the Mayor of New Orleans Mr. Mitch Landrieu and his municipal team on a mission which brought them to Paris and to Orléans.

This visit was important for multiple reasons. First, because we are approaching the tricentennial of the founding of New Orleans and we have many projects that will take place in the coming months. Second, it was also the opportunity to establish a new partnership and to present a new face of France in light of the recent reforms and the dynamic nature of our country.

I must say that the delegation was impressed because of what it saw in terms of new technologies, start-ups, and new growth, especially in the context of the presentation we were given at Station F in Paris and also in Orléans.

Speaking of Orléans, the meetings between the two municipal teams was very fruitful, and I am happy that the two cities have at last pursued a sister-city partnership, which should be made official next January with the visit of the Mayor of Orléans Mr. Carré, who should come to New Orleans in the beginning of January.

Many projects will take place in the coming months, and the political contacts allowed us to explore potential visits, hopefully of high-ranking officials, ministerial perhaps. In any case, we are working on it and we hope that these celebrations will present an opportunity to enrich the partnership between France and New Orleans.

See you very soon! "

Last modified on 09/12/2017

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