Meeting of Francophone and Francophile Mayors in Lafayette [fr]

October 14, 2016, the Consul General and the Attaché of Cooperation for French participated in the meeting of the Network of French and Francophile Mayors of North America, presided by the Mayors of Quebec, Moncton and Lafayette.


The meeting was a great success. 120 mayors already participate in the network from Canada and the United States (including New Orleans). Click here for a full list.

The Consul General, among others, met with the mayors of Quebec, Moncton, Lafayette, as well as Denis Desgagné, President of the Center for Francophonie in the Americas.


The network is working to launch a very promising Francophone Tourism Route which would begin in the Atlantic Provinces (old Acadia), passing through Quebec, the Great Lakes and the Mississippi Valley, to finish in Louisiana.

The route would provide French signage, a website, maps and itineraries - and even, perhaps one day, a "National Historical Trail" - in the United States.

Un réseau dynamique, francophone et américain !


Last modified on 03/11/2016

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