Ma Francophonie NOLA : Digital Storytelling Project by Graduate students at Tulane University [fr]

What if the place we learn language profoundly influenced our relationship to it? This is what the graduate students at Tulane University’s French department wish to explore.
Recipients of the prestigious "France on Campus" national competition, they wish to invite members of various New Orleanian communities to consider how learning French in such an unique city influences identity.
This reflection will be explored with a public screening of short videos on April 20, 2018.


New Orleans has a cultural and linguistic heritage that can be traced to its origins as a European colony. Historical interactions between different religious, national, and ethnic communities set the foundation for the development of cultural expressions that continue to define the city 300 years after its establishment. Economically sustained by local, national, and international tourism, New Orleans perpetuates its own renown in the same ways that it perpetuates its imaginaries: through narrative. Performance and visual art, music, and oral traditions create a space of both confrontation and affirmation where multiple identities, real or perceived, interact.

Recognizing that the ways we construct, define, reflect, and perform identity are intricately bound to the places in which we do so, we are asking students to create a digital response to the following question: what does it mean to learn French in New Orleans? This question accepts the positioning of New Orleans as exceptional both in terms of the persistence of the French language and the influence of francophone cultures.

The project organizers will be leading Tulane University and the wider community in an ongoing conversation about the ways that students interact with French and Francophone culture in New Orleans and the meanings they assign to this interaction. By positioning students at the crossroads of identity, language and place, Ma Francophonie NOLA Digital Storytelling Project provides a platform upon which they can produce and perform subjectivities.

Submissions will be shared at a public screening event on April 20th and made available on the organization’s Facebook page providing viewers from all over the world access to authentic perspectives from students in New Orleans.

Last modified on 21/02/2018

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