LabelFrancEducation : Three Louisiana schools to receive the distinction! [fr]

Evangeline Elementary School, International School of Louisiana, and Lafayette High School will be awarded the LabelFrancEducation.


Each year, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs allocates the LabelFrancEducation based on the recommendations of an interministerial committee made up of representatives from the ministères français des Affaires étrangères et de l’Education, the Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger (AEFE), the Institut français (IF) and the Mission Laïque Française. The Label is valid for three years.

The LabelFrancEducation recognizes excellent bilingual French instruction in the American school system that displays the following characteristics:

· An enhanced instruction of French language and culture with at least one non-linguistic subject taught in French, accounting for at least 20% of weekly class time,

· The presence of at least one French-speaking teacher with a master’s degree or equivalent, and if possible certified to proctor and evaluate DELF-DALF exams,

· French teachers and teachers in non-linguistic disciplines must have a diploma or certifiable level of French,

· The implementation of teacher-training programs for those in relevant disciplines,

· An option for students to take French language certifications (Diplôme d’études en langue française: DELF Prim, DELF scolaire, or DELF junior),

· A stimulating francophone environment with one or more of the following: educational resources throughout the establishment, exchange agreement with a French school, francophone cultural partnerships, linguistic trips abroad, etc.

Today, 46 schools in the United States have received the Label, 8 of which are in Louisiana.

The LabelFrancEducation can be used as a promotional tool for individual schools and their immersion programs. Its institutional and international characteristics, its certification of rigorous, qualitative instruction, and its implication of success and excellence are strong arguments to promote the image of each establishment.

Furthermore, the LabelFrancEducation enables teachers to access special training sessions and free educational resources.

Last modified on 12/10/2018

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