La Semaine Française d’Arnaudville 2016 [fr]

Now in its fourth year, the Semaine Française d’Arnaudville will take place April 11-17!


The 2016 Semaine Française d’Arnaudville is a week-long Creative Placemaking summit developed with the assistance of the Consulate General of France in Louisiana that works to build partnerships between Louisiana French culture and the Francophone world.

La Semaine Française brings together internationally-respected scholars, artists, scientists, cultural citizens and organizations for the purpose of creative thinking. Semaine Française d’Arnaudville provides the platform for presentation of ongoing and developing projects, which stimulate the discussions, ideas and new partnerships. Each day celebrates a specific area of development.

Morning presentations are followed by roundtable discussions moderated by presenters. Summit participants join various presenters and share “their” ideas. Together they identify potential partners and together they create action steps.

Areas of development to be discussed this year are:

Monday – Environmental Sustainability
Tuesday – Business Development
Wednesday – Local Development
Thursday – Cultural Development
Friday – Youth Education

Attending this year are invited international guests from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, representing music, arts and culture, and including the first assistant to the minister of foreign affairs.

Summit days begin with a light breakfast, networking, presentations, and projects completed and underway. A lunch break is followed by round table discussions, during which presenters are available for the exchange of ideas.

There is a $10 per day fee for each day of the summit. You pick and choose which day/days you wish attend - or join us for "tout."
To register, please visit

Following the conference, the team at La Semaine Française invite all participants to attend Le Feu et l’Eau Rural Arts Celebration, which begins the evening of Friday, April 15, and concludes Sunday, April 17.

2016 Summit Schedule

Presentations are:

Monday, April 11:

Environmental sustainability through innovation and traditional knowledge. Tiny homes, seed keepers, up-cycling, TRAIL bike riders, water protectors, landfills using trash for gas, artists reflecting environmental perspectives and more.

Monique Verdin, documentary film maker and environmental activist, leads a week-long collaborative activation of the Land Memory Bank and Seed Exchange, an interactive record of site specific history, culture and environment.

Tuesday, April 12:

Cultural impact on community development reveals the long awaited St. Luc Project. Aimee Smallwood, director of Louisiana Culture Economy Foundation, presents plans for the repurpose of the former Arnaudville community hospital into an adult Cajun and Creole French Immersion School and Cultural Center. The first such school in the United States. Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation will present the school/cultural center business plan and unveiling of its logo.

Also presenting is Foundation for Louisiana Vice President of Programs & Special Initiatives Alfredo Cruz. Foundation for Louisiana is a community outreach program that works to empower residents through leadership training.

Wednesday, April 13:

Benefits of locating a business to St. Martin and/or St. Landry parishes, creation of "Cottage Industries" that can thrive in Acadiana, and Francophone partnerships. The use of arts and culture in community shaping produces not only the product of a more attractive and desirable community in which to live, but the by-product is business.

Joining presenters this morning is Grégor Trumel, Consul Général de France à La Nouvelle-Orléans. Consul Général Trumel will speak of the Consulate’s business mission: "France and French heritage, fuel for growth in Louisiana."

Thursday, April 14:

Lt. Gov. Nungesser and the Consul General Trumel welcome attendees to a day of creative placemaking practices. The state Office of Cultural Development introduces a sampling of Cultural District Program participants. Summit attendees hear about the benefits of Cultural Districts including: how cultural districts stimulate development, and the creation of "corridors" that unite businesses, local governments and communities.

CODOFIL presents a Francophone context for Creative Placemaking based on surviving cultural vestiges in Louisiana and how that motivates the development and marketing of Louisiana’s French Heritage tourism.

Friday, April 15:

A day dedicated to area educators seeking partnership opportunities. 120 student of Creole and Louisiana French, from Martinique, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, join us for the day, beginning with the unveiling of panel-murals at the CA Guidry Fresh Market.

From there, students gather at NUNU Arts and Culture Collective for participation in various activities including a creative placemaking presentation. Students dance, garden and create art through partnerships bound by language.

The day concludes with a special 7 pm, Le Feu et l’Eau Potluck social, marking the start of the 2016 celebration and fire dance performance. Dinner begins at 7:30 pm. Music by The Potluck Band. Cost of admission is contribution to the communal table. Non-alcohol refreshments are available for purchase.

Saturday, April 16:

Tourism leads in Cultural Heritage and Skypes with counterparts in Manitoba, Canada for partnership project planning. Witness this historic collaboration.

Tourism presentation is an open event (no registration require) and followed by introductions to our Haitian guests:

Alex Bien-Aimé
Artiste, plasticien, coordinateur général de Promo Art Plus

Euvonie George Auguste
1ère assistante au ministère des affaires étrangères

Martine Bruno Beaucicault
Spécialiste du patrimoine culturel

Widlyne Thermidor
Directrice des relations publiques de Promo Art Plus

Jean Rony Beaucicault

Ketina Moussignac
Chef cuisinière

Jean Jean Roosevelt
Musicien, chanteur

Josiah Farah Wilhermine Alexis

Stephanie Bernadette Philippeau

Richarson ‘‘Dorvil
Photographe, écrivain

Ricardo Louis
Artiste, plasticien

For more information, visit La Semaine Française d’Arnaudville.


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