Issuance of Certificates of existence (certificats de vie ou attestations d’existence)

Certificates of existence are to be obtained from local US authorities exclusively.

Circular n°2001/31 of May 3rd, 2001 from the Caisse nationale d’assurance vieillesse (CNAV) states that in order to obtain a certificate of existence, the person concerned must report to the local authorities (City or Town Hall, Police Station, etc.). As such, a multilingual form has been created, which you can download below:

PDF - 292.5 kb
Attestation pour le paiement des retraites des personnes résidant hors de France
(PDF - 292.5 kb)

The Consulate General of France in New Orleans therefore reminds you that we no longer issue certificates of existence. We invite you to turn to local authorities for this process:

  • public notary;
  • police (sheriff);
  • justice (clerk of circuit court, criminal court, family court, juvenile services, probate court, small claims court, traffic court...) ;
  • City hall (city clerk...).
Beware of the dates :
05/07/1945 in French translates 07/05/1945 in the US.
You must make sure all the dates on your form are written the French way.

Last modified on 23/07/2019

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