International Film Festival in Baton Rouge [fr]

April 13-17, 2016, the International Film Festival of Louisiana will take place in Baton Rouge.

Four French films will be presented at the Festival this year:

Marguerite (France/127 min.) dir: Xavier Giannoli; w/ Catherine Frot


1:40PM / Saturday, April 16 Cinemark 2

Catherine Frot, voted Best Actress at this year’s Césars, is divine as a woman who dreams the impossible dream and possesses the innocence, madness and wealth to pursue it. Marguerite’s passion is opera and her delusion - fueled by the sycophants who swill champagne in her castle outside Paris – is that she sings beautifully. Ironically, this delightful comedy about sour notes is awash in gorgeous music, and features sumptuous 1920s clothes and décor.

Dheepan (France/115 min.) dir: Jacques Audiard


6:30PM / Saturday, April 16 Cinemark 2

Winner of the 2015 Cannes Palme d’Or, this gritty film tells the story of Dheepan, a refugee from Sri Lanka and a former Tamil Tiger, who concocts a fake family to gain passage to France. But his violent past still haunts him. Slow-burning tension punctuated by explosions of violence mark Jacques Audiard’s timely, passionate film about a driven man caught in a unique moral dilemma.

The Innocents (France|Poland/115 min.) dir: Anne Fontaine; w/ Lou de Laâge.


1:30PM / Sunday, April 17 Cinemark 2

In this dramatic, nuanced film set in post-war Warsaw, a Red Cross doctor who is summoned to a convent to deliver a baby in the middle of the night, discovers a pious, cloistered community brutalized by Soviet soldiers. Rising star Lou de Laâge (L’Attesa) gives a great performance as an idealistic young woman who puts herself in danger to guard a shameful secret.

L’Attesa (Italy|France/100 min.) dir: Piero Massini; w/ Juliette Binoche, Lou de Laâge


6:45PM / Sunday. April 17 Cinemark 4

Juliette Binoche is simply magnificent as a Sicilian woman so grief-stricken by the sudden death of her son that she tells his new girlfriend (Lou de Laâge) – who has travelled from Paris to meet him – that he is delayed on business. And so ‘the wait’ (l’attesa) begins, and the lie becomes a ticking bomb. Marked by striking images and painterly lighting, L’Attesa is an intense psychological drama.

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