French social security for international students

In France, affiliation to Social Security is compulsory and opening a bank account is necessary for daily life. However these tasks can be daunting for an international student especially as most documents required are not avalaible in their native country.

That is why the SMEREP, the SEM and the Caisse d’Epargne have come together, to help international students with these tasks and enable them to succeed. Indeed this partnership allows students to go through the procedures from their home country before arriving in France. Also, when arriving in France, internationals students will not have to worry about these formalities and focus on their studies.

About the SMEREP:
The SMEREP is a "mutuelle", complimentary health insurance.
What they can do for you:

  • they pay the complimentary insurance benefits that are not those payed by the Sécurité Sociale
  • they put preventitive measures in place: support to non-profits, prepare reports on health (contraception, stress, nutrition), organising the "Healthy Eating Week" and the "Feel good forum", etc
  • they create services and guarantees to simplify student life

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The Centre 617: the local university section - Centre 617 - delivers Securité Sociale services. In exchange, they receive management remuneration that enables them to do all they can to ensure the services are delivered.

About the SEM:
The SEM is also a "mutuelle" that has existed for 30 years, specialising in international students’ health coverage.
Non lucrative, the SEM is based upon a very simple idea: that together we can defend ourselves better. A joint fund allows to helps with all members’ health fees. Also, when a member is confronted with an unexpected health expense that they cannot cover, this fund can finance the cost.
Finally, elected students decide how the funds are managed. They attribute the money and choose the actions that SEM must take in favour of bettering life conditions, cultural development and student defense.
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General information on health coverage for students in France
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SEM brochure
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Last modified on 09/07/2015

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