French Festival at the Prytania Theater [fr]


The Consulate General of France in Louisiana and the New Orleans Film Society present a weeklong festival featuring 12 films, including two classics from celebrated auteur Alain Resnais, new work from contemporary master François Ozon, and two new documentaries about French cuisine—one on champagne and one on steak.

The festival lasts from July 17-23. A calendar of featured showings can be found below. For more information on the French Film Festival and to buy your tickets, visit

Friday, July 17
7:15PM The New Girlfriend (1 hr 45) **Preceded by live music**

Saturday, July 18
12:15PM Gemma Bovery (1 hr 39)
2:15PM The Connection ( 2 hr 15)
4:45PM A Year in Champagne (1 hr 24) **Preceded by live music, champagne tasting to follow**

Sunday, July 19
12:30PM Hiroshima, Mon Amour (1 hr 30)
2:30PM Steak (R)evolution (1 hr 54)
5:00PM Tu dors Nicole (1 hr 33)

Monday, July 20
Noon The New Girlfriend (1 hr 45)
7:15PM Saint Laurent (2 hr 30)

Tuesday, July 21
Noon Tu dors Nicole (1 hr 33)
7:15PM Party Girl (1 hr 36) **Preceded by live music**

Wednesday, July 22
Noon Saint Laurent (2 hr 30)
7:15PM May Allah Bless France (1 hr 35)

Thursday, July 23
Noon Gemma Bovery (1 hr 39)
5:30PM Je t’aime, je t’aime (1 hr 31)
7:15PM Tip Top (1 hr 46)

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