Albertine Library and "French Corners" Come to Louisiana [fr]


A new reading room and bookshop, Albertine Books in French and English, opened in September 2014 at the French Embassy in New York with 14,000 titles from 30 French-speaking countries. An accompanying online shop ( has just launched and offers the most comprehensive selection of French-language books and English translations in the United States.

Curated “French Corners” sections in independent bookstores across the United States also offer a taste of French literature throughout the country. With titles hand-picked by Albertine staff and the French Embassy Book Department, the inaugural selection encompasses a wide variety of fiction titles, ranging from classic authors like Honoré de Balzac and Simone de Beauvoir to modern writers such as novelist Michel Houellebecq and playwright Yasmina Reza. Each participating store has created a special "French Corners" section on their shelves, featuring one of two options: a collection of 75 books in French, or a collection of 60 books in English translation plus 15 books in French.

Bookstores that have been chosen to participate in "French Corners" can be found in Washington, D.C., Boston, Miami, Houston, Portland, Chicago and....Arnaudville, Louisiana!

The NUNU Arts and Culture Collective now offers titles in French and English, made available by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

Consul General of France in Louisiana, Grégor Trumel, said of the project: "French Corners is a big initiative by the Consulate General of France in Louisiana and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. It says something about the success of NUNU and the Francophone culture in Louisiana that Arnaudville was selected amongst a list of major cities like Miami, Chicago or DC. Thanks to NUNU, French literature is accessible to enjoy at home. French is alive in Louisiana!"

NUNU has been featured in The New York Times for their participation in "French Corners", as well as in the press across Louisiana. Watch the report by KATC 3 here.

Don’t forget, if you can’t make it to Arnaudville, you can always order your books at Albertine’s website here.

Last modified on 03/04/2015

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