Franco-Fête 2017 in Lafayette [fr]

The Consul general was invited by CODOFIL President Bill Arceneaux to come to Franco-Fête 2017, on Sunday October 16th in Lafayette.
Each year, Franco-Fête raises funds to support French education in Louisiana, as well as the Escadrille Program which allows dozens of Louisiana students to study in France (Brittany, Martinique, and Lille), before pursuing their careers as teachers in immersion schools across the State.

Franco-Fête 2017 honored Mr. Kaliste J. Saloom and his wife, Mrs. Yvonne Saloom, both pioneers of the French language renaissance in Louisiana and devoted supports of CODOFIL].

Numerous CODOFIL partners, Louisiana senators and deputies, local elected officials, entrepreneurs, university professors and other Louisiana officials were present.

With Mr. Kaliste J. Saloom and his wife Mme Yvonne Saloom

The Consul general spoke very highly of CODOFIL, commending the educational and cultural community for their hard work towards the promotion of French in Louisiana. Franco-Fête exemplified that speaking French is much more than mastering a difficult language, it’s also the ability to open oneself to the francophone world. Next year, CODOFIL’s fiftieth anniversary will highlight the vitality of francophonie in Louisiana.

Vincent Sciama, during Franco-Fête 2017

Statue of the Marquis de La Fayette, City Hall, Lafayette

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