France is a leading foreign direct investment destination

A growing number of foreign investment projects in France

Two foreign companies invest in France every day.

France is a leading FDI destination with 698 major foreign investment projects in 2011. This figure has almost doubled in ten years and even tripled between 2011 and 2012 (source : The Economist).

France is the leading recipient in Europe of foreign investment in industry (source : Ernst & Young, European Attractiveness Survey, 2012).

France is ranked 10th for the reception of foreign direct investments in 2010 in the world, and 4th in Europe after Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom (source : IFA).

Our country has the fourth largest FDI stock in the world after the United States, China and the United Kingdom (source : UNCTAD, World Investment Report, 2012). This stock amounts to 1,000 Md US$ (source : French Ministry of Economy). In terms of the ratio of FDI stock to GDP, France (at 39%) is ranked ahead of the United States (23%), Germany (20%) and Japan (4%). (source : UNCTAD, 2012).
Foreign companies : a major stake for employment in France

Foreign companies : a major stake for employment in France

20 000 foreign-owned companies are doing business in France (source : French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), 2012). They employ nearly two million people (i.e. 13% of the employed population), generate one-third of all French exports and undertake 20% of all business R&D in France. (source : INSEE)

The 50 largest foreign groups established in France together employ early 500,000 people. There are 20 foreign companies in France with more than 10,000 employees each, including Fiat, General Electric, Volvo Trucks, the Walt Disney Company, United Technologies, Kingfisher and ISS.

Only one example : the Coca-Cola Company has invested 400M€ in the course of the last five years and is expected to add 66 million this year for the industrial development of its five French firms, that amount to 25 000 employees. In a letter received on Friday February 22 by M. Arnaud Montebourg, France’s Minister for Industrial Renewal, the CEO of Coca-Cola Entreprise France, M. Tristan Farabet, pays tribute to his company’s long-standing relationship with France.

M. Farabet was delighted to respond after Coca-Cola was cited recently by M. Montebourg as a historically significant long-standing foreign investor in France.

“We are happy to invest in France, and have been so for more than 90 years”, writes M. Farabet. "Manufacturing in France always been at the heart of our strategy, thanks to the commitment and expertise of our 2,800 French employees."

“We remain deeply convinced of the interest, opportunity as well as the social responsibility of manufacturing in France, and would like to participate further in actively promoting the country’s investment attractiveness to foreign companies”.

This new message of support follows similar remarks from Ms Clara Gaymard, the Chief Executive of General Electric France and President of the Paris-based American Chamber of Commerce in France (AmCham France).
The Invest in France Agency (IFA) aims at making foreign investors’ job easier

The Invest in France Agency (IFA) aims at making foreign investors’ job easier

Thanks to its industry expertise and exhaustive knowledge of local markets, the IFA made easier the establishment of almost 50% of these projects in 2010, which allowed to create or safeguard 32,000 jobs in 2010.

At foreign investors’ request, the IFA identifies potential sites best-suited to their future business in France, introduce them to local authorities, government representatives and elected officials, including the head of regional regions and départements. Eventually, the IFA experts will help foreign-source business to integrate itself into the fabric of the local community and economy, by setting up contact with potential partners, self contractors and suppliers (source : IFA).

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