Foreign-language teacher training at the Louisiana Department of Education: The Consulate meets CODOFIL teachers [fr]

Steps away from the Capitol in Baton Rouge, on Friday, Sept. 22 2017, the Louisiana Department of Education presented the first major training session for foreign language teachers of the World Language Program.

Intended for foreign teachers with the "Foreign Associated Teacher" status, this training session was designed for those recruited overseas and who made the choice to come live and teach in Louisiana to promote their language and culture within immersion and foreign language programs.

The session takes place each year towards the end of September under the auspices of the LDOE and CODOFIL, with the support of representatives from partner governments (France, Spain, Mexico).
For the occasion, Mr. Sciama, Consul general of France in Louisiana, traveled to Baton Rouge with Mr. Nicolas Torres, the new attaché for the Cooperation of French. Along with Mr. Karim Houali, Technical International Expert for the Consulate who works with the LDOE in Baton Rouge, the team met with representatives from both the LDOE and CODOFIL. Mr. Sciama and Mr. Torres were able to meet and converse with the newly-recruited teachers as they attended various workshops throughout the day.

The vast majority of the teachers work in Spanish immersion programs or in our French immersion programs across Louisiana, hailing from France, Belgium, Canada, francophone African countries, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, etc.

Fewer in number but just as dedicated, those who teach French and Spanish as a foreign language were also present and happy to share their experiences with our representatives.
More training sessions will take place throughout the year with the support of the Consulate. These sessions are designed to assist our teachers over the course of their professional development, helping them adapt to the practices and requirements of an education system often quite different from the one they are accustomed to.

Approximately 130 of the 200 teachers present at this session are from France (both from the mainland and overseas territories), and roughly 100 are certified by the French Ministry of National Education

In the context of the French-Louisiana accords, renewed in 2016, Mr. Sciama reconfirmed
the support and commitment of France to the success of the Codofil program, emphasizing the importance of the hard work and dedication of all those who endeavor to promote the preservation and development of French in Louisiana. He also reminded the audience that the Codofil teachers spread across the state are the best ambassadors for francophonie and the French language in Louisiana.


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