Festival International de Louisiane is a non-profit organization that produces the largest international music and arts festival in the United States, with a special emphasis on the connection between Acadiana and the Francophone world.
With over 300,000 festival goers, the annual festival features musical performances by artists from over 20 countries.

This year, France will be represented by CQMD (Ceux Qui Marchent Debout), who are returning for the fourth time in Louisiana with a new album, the dynamic female trio Sirius Plan, and Ginkgoa, a French-American duo proving to be very successful on the American festival circuit.

CQMD (Ceux Qui Marchent Debout)

You can count on, Ceux Qui Marchent Debout to bring the house down ! From funk to ska to salsa, this band takes their audience on a quite a ride.
Originally formed in 1992 under the name Les Fils de Crao, the group originally played venues in the greater Paris region. At the Bataclan de Paris, they opened for American funk bassist Bootsy Collins for one of their first major performances. They then caught the eye of director Cédric Klapisch during a gig at a bar in the Bastille district of Paris, who subsequently asked them to feautre on the credits of his upcoming film.
Since, they have collaborated with numerous artists such as Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, The Neville Brothers, Galactic and David Byrne.
Soul, funk, Latino, African, and Parisien rhythms flow freely through their music and wherever they go. It’s impossible to stay seated!
For their 25th anniversary, their ninth album "Don’t Be Shy" was released in 2016.


She comes from New York, he lives in Paris - her name is Nicolle Rochelle, his name is Antoine Chatenet, and fighting against all the odds of their geographic destiny, they found each other.
After four years of touring Europe with the director Jerome Savary, that Nicolle stumbled upon Antoine’s productions on Internet. Instantly upon hearing his songs, she recognized herself within the sound and fell in love with his musical style. That very same evening they met by pure chance in a Parisian jazz club, and GINKGOA was born.
From Pop Music, to the Swing of old New York with a mix of Electro French touch beats, they only have one thing in mind: to make generations of people dance, sway, and sing along to melodies that stay in your head long after GINKGOA has left the building and for as long as the Ginkgo, their tree totem, continues to survive.
Officially discovered in the well-known French festival "Les Francofolies" where they won the prize for «Favorite Group», GINKGOA has most recently appeared in the USA at the famous «Global Fest» in New York City, and is actively building an impressive international career with a tour of over 300 dates around the US, Canada, China, France, Eastern Europe, UK, Italy, picking up numerous awards along the way.
Their single "From NY to Paris" became the anthem of the perfume Rochas for their European campaign. GINKGOA is now preparing their first album with a release planned for end of 2017.
Frequently described as a modern version of the electro-swing heavyweights ’Caravan palace’ & ’Parov Stelar’ due to their energetic live shows and ability to make any audience dance; critics and audiences everywhere agree that GINKGOA has rightfully earned their own place at the top of this list.


An Old School Girls’ Band that strikes with Grace. If you ever dreamed of redesigning rock and femininity, it’s happening here and now. Sirius Plan is a free, wild and refined trio.
It all starts in a hotel room, on a Festival night. One guitar and three girls jamming the night away. “We found ourselves in a common passion: graspable music that can be shared.” They were caught by their own game.
One concert: what was originally a one shot show becomes a series of love strikes. With a live video posted on Facebook, the Belgian media goes wild and the audience follows along. It was in 2011. Three artists united to live the same dream: making music that travels, that talks of humanity to human beings.
A first self-produced 5 track EP, and the love strikes continue: in 2013, they are asked to play in Alabama, and, later, in New York. The magic works, the network expands. Back in France, they are trusted with the musical arrangement and the production of 4 titles by Sophie Tith, winner of the French version of the TV-show American Idol.
On stage, the vocal originality of the Franco-Belgian trio works its charm….Laurent Voulzy invites them to perform as first part performers on his tour. Then comes Emmanuel Moire’s turn to rely on them, before Louis Bertignac, in 2015, packs them in his suitcase. Three music tours in France, with stops through Switzerland and Belgium
Their first album is recorded in Alabama with the director Rick Hirsch, on the edge of the Dog River. An elegant Folk Rock meets the Bayou Blues, giving birth to a genre free of all artefacts, and that aims straight to the heart. 2 guitars, 1 drum set, 3 voices and a mic, just like old times….
A soft and honest writing, like a motto. The French and English texts speak of their worldly vision, both positive and solar, and touch upon themes like the legitimacy of being (« Plus Que Parfait ») , the courage of being loving and saying it loud and proud (« DuRose Dans Les Veines), or life changing encounters ( « Old Man »). « Big River » and « La Complainte De La Butte », two covers that illustrate the merging of two cultures, of which the trio has definitely swept the borders.

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