Diplomat for a Day! [fr]

These four brilliant students were selected to follow the Consul General of France for a whole day during the first French Language Job Fair.

Last Thursday was not an ordinary day at the Consulate General of France in New Orleans.
We were organizing a unique event at Tulane University: The First French Language Job Fair in the United States.
But what gave its special flavor to this day was another event…

The Consulate has in fact invited for the occasion four young students from different schools in Louisiana so that they can participate in our brand new program Diplomat for a Day.


These four brilliant students were selected to follow the Consul General of France Mr. Vincent Sciama, throughout the day so that they can find out the daily work of a diplomat, the nature of diplomacy and make them want to embrace a career in international affairs.

On the agenda: meetings, conferences, roundtables and interviews with stakeholders and exhibitors participating in the Job Fair with a central question: how is French so important in their business?
Large French companies like Airbus, Total and Le Méridien played the game and answered enthusiastically.


Our four diplomats for a day also had a big responsibility: take the reins of our social networks! For a day, our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts were filled with photos and original posts relating to the French Language Job fair, and behind the scenes of the Consulate.

They were able to appreciate the issues and challenges of a day like this which is the heart of a diplomats’ work in consulates, on-field, the discussions, the exchanges and the human contact in the service of a language, values or more.

This event will remain in their memory and ours as a very special day! And a beautiful experience to be continued!


Last modified on 26/11/2019

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