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Attaché of Cooperation for French

Nicolas Torres
Attaché of Cooperation for French
Originally from the South of France, Nicolas Torres joined the French Ministry of National Education in 2004 where he occupied numerous positions before becoming an inspector. With a DEA in cognitive psychology, he is especially interested in how students integrate learning, knowledge, and necessary skills of their socio-professional development and personal fulfillment to guide their career path. Since 2015, he has worked for the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs as Attaché for the cooperation of French.
Tel : (504) 569-2879

Director of Artistic and Audiovisual

Béatrice Germaine
Director of Artistic and Audiovisual
Tél : (504) 569-2875
Born and raised in Paris, Béatrice left her job in the music industry to move to New Orleans to organize a French Festival in the French Quarter, showcasing the French heritage of New Orleans. She worked as the press attachée for the French Consulate in New Orleans assisting French media with their broadcasts about Louisiana and the Southern United States, and promoting cultural and artistic projects.
In 2005, she relocated to Covington to create and manage a foreign language center and an international café, and was also responsible for a wide range of cultural activities.
In 2011, Béatrice and her husband returned to New Orleans when she began work as the Cultural Officer for the French cultural services at the French Consulate.
She is very devoted to promoting her French heritage and language and eager to share it with the Louisiana community.

International Specialist, Education

Karim Houali
International Specialist to the French Ministry of Education and the Louisiana Department of Education
Mr. Houali began teaching at the Aacdémie de Martinique in 1998, while studying language didactics and FLE (DEA) at the Université des Antilles - Guyane, and ultimately became director of the school. In 2008, he was assigned by the MAEE to Canberra, Australia, where he worked as both a teacher and educational coordinator at the franco-australian Lycée Bilingue of Canberra.
He next worked at the Alliance Française of Castries for the mission of educational cooperation between Martinique and Saint Lucie, under the authority of the Embassy of France for Eastern Caribbean States (OECO).
Mr. Houali has been in Louisiana since 2015 at the Louisiana Department of Education working with local partners and using his expertise in the educational field to manage the CODOFIl program. He is specifically responsible for the recruitment and retention of CODOFIL teachers on the ground.
Tél : (225) 342-1722

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