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The first Génération Bilingue study program, a project organized by Institut Français, took place in France in July 2015.

The final step of the contest, in recognition of the COP21 Conference on Climate Change in Paris, is organized by the French Consulate, CODOFIL and Nunu Arts and Culture Collective. It will be held during this year’s Semaine Française in Arnaudville and will determine the lucky high school student winner.

The winner will participate in a ten-day international meeting of students from bilingual Francophone classes from more than 30 countries. These students, aged 16 to 18, will have the opportunity to experience day-to-day life in France, especially since they will stay with French host families. They will explore French and Francophone culture by visiting a variety of places, attending French events, engaging in discussions amongst each other and with the French people they meet during their stay, and by taking part in educational workshops at the CAVILAM language school facilities in Vichy, France. The schedule also includes sporting events and other festivities. See more information here

The contest consists of two phases:
- a work of art or an essay of 10 phrases to one page reflecting the theme “strengthen environmental protection locally” to be sent before April 15, 2015 to Mr. R. Hinz with Mme. J. Rodriguez in copy.
- the selected students will advance to the final phase on Saturday, April 18, 2015 during la semaine française d’Arnaudville; the final phase will consist of a 15-minute debate in French, in front of a jury, about the wording and the discovery of France.

The winner will be announced Sunday, April 19, 2015.

Requirements: open to all 16-19 year old American students, attending a high school in Louisiana with a strong French program

Enregistez le .pdf ici :

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Concours : Generation Bilingue
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15 April 2015 : Submission of text or work
18 April 2015 : Discussion of the submissions in Arnaudville, LA
19 April 2015 : Announcement of the Winner

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