Louisiana Honors Consul General of France at Mardi Gras [fr]


Since the founding of the Consulate General of France in New Orleans in 1803, and for the first time in the history of Louisiana’s Mardi Gras, Consul General Grégor Trumel was honored to be the first of his title to ride in the parades.

For his first Mardi Gras season in Louisiana, Mr. Trumel participated as a guest of two parades. This momentous occasion truly reflected the spirit of friendship, tradition, and excitement between France and Louisiana.

M. Trumel, Mme. Trumel, et Mitch Landrieu - JPEG

Mr. et Mrs. Trumel at the Mayor’s Ball with Mayor Mitch Landrieu

On Saturday, February 14, Mr. Trumel appeared as the Special International Guest of Honor at the Alexandria Mardi Gras Association’s 19th Annual Children’s Parade in Alexandria, Louisiana. Mr. Trumel was accompanied by the Mayor of Alexandria, Jacques Roy.

The AMGA has been instrumental for more than 20 years in developing and expanding the spirit of Mardi Gras au Coeur de la Louisiane, and through this movement they have worked to both share local culture and bring positive economic impact to the region.


Mr. Trumel with the mayor of Alexandria, Mr. Jacques Roy


Mr. Trumel before his float the Alexandria parade


Mr. Trumel on the float at the Alexandria parade

On Mardi Gras Day, Tuesday, February 17, Mr. Trumel rode with the Krewe of Rex in New Orleans, as a guest of the King of Carnival himself.

This year’s theme, “Wars That Shaped Early America”, included floats dedicated to the War of Independence, the War of 1812, and the Battle of New Orleans.


Mr. Trumel with the president of Jefferson Parish, Mr. John Young


M. Trumel with the president of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, Mr. Mark Romig


M. Trumel on the float during Rex

Mr. Trumel is honored to have been a part of the festivities, a true demonstration of French-Louisianan friendship and fun. As Louisiana returns to normal life after the festivities, so does the team at the Consulate General of France. Although, in Louisiana, normal life is never boring.


The Residence of France in New Orleans during Mardi Gras

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