Condolences - Attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015 [fr]

If you wish to leave a message of condolence following the attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015, click here. The Consulate General of France in Louisiana thanks you for your messages of support.

Your messages of condolence :

Mayor Landrieu : I am outraged by the heinous attack that claimed many lives today in Paris, and left many more at risk of harm. I send my deepest sympathy to those who have lost family members and friends. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of France as they come together to defeat those who planned and perpetrated this cowardly act.


Jay Dardenne : Please accept my heartfelt sympathy and concern for your fellow Frenchmen.


Carolyn Jacobs & Family : The collective heart of our family is broken over the horrible attacks. As 7th generation New Orleanians, we have always felt a strong kinship with the country that gave birth to our beloved city. Vive la France - Je suis Paris.


James David Wall : I want to express my deep condolence to the people of France. I feel a concern that this will grow, unless the people of respect for freedom and our history is protected. I think there is a sense of rage in the Islamic youth. There is a rage that is being used to give a purpose to those that have nothing. Please express my grief to the PEOPLE OF FRANCE, VIVA LA FRANCE.


Joan of Arc Project : We stand in solidarity with the people of France and send our prayers for the people and their families who were hurt and killed in the Paris attacks.


NolaFranç : From New Orleans, from Louisiana – to Paris, to France. We love you. Stay strong.


Jakki Trieber and Kevin Sheehan
Farmington, Connecticut USA :
My family and I send you our heartfelt condolences. We are broken hearted. We share your grief and horror.
We wish we could be there with you, at this time, to wrap all of you in our arms and hug the sadness and fear away.
Our love for all of you in France...our Sisters and our a million times taller than the Eiffel Tower.
Your light and the light of France will never be taken away. You are OUR light. And OUR beauty. And we...your Family in America...will protect you and stand by you.
You are a treasure to the World and you are NEVER alone!
We love you all very deeply and cherish you.
We will always be Family...and nothing can ever change that.
All our love and light to you!💖🇫🇷💖


Susan Taylor : Please accept our condolences for the tragic events in Paris on Friday. There are no words. Truly.


Alvin J. Bedgood, A descendant of French citizens who settled New Orleans: I am deeply dismayed, and my heart cries out in anger, over this attack against a city and a people whom I have always found warm, open and gracious. While I realize my words are small and insignificant at a time like this, they are genuine and heartfelt, and I hope they will in some way convey hope and faith for the victims, their families and the people of France.

Please pass along my sincere condolences and deepest sympathies to the families of the victims, the families and the survivors of this heinous attack. Let all of them know that they are in my prayers, that they are not alone, and that their is hope.

While nothing can ever replace the loss of their loved ones, I pray that the families of the victims of this attack may find some small comfort in knowing they are not alone and that their sacrifice and suffering will not be forgotten in France or here in America.

Albert J LeBlanc: My Thoughts and Prayers for France, the Victims and Families.
As a descendent of French Grandparents, Paris will be in my Prayers.

Jeffery U. Darensbourg, PhD, Tribal Councilperson, Atakapa-Ishak Nation of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas: On behalf of Chief Edward Chretien and the entirety of the Atakapa-Ishak Nation of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas, I express our condolences and our personal grief following the attacks on our friends, the People of France. Our Indian nation has enjoyed friendship with the French for some three centuries. We stand with you, our hands clasped to yours, in these difficult times.

Mayor Randy Roach: Personally and on behalf of the citizens of Lake Charles I extend my deepest sympathy to the families of the victims of the Friday night attack and to the people of Paris and all of France as well. This senseless act of terrorism is an attack against all freedom loving people. The people of France and Louisiana share a special bond based not just on friendship but on familial relationships that go far back in history. We stand in solidarity with the people of France. Our prayer is that our mutual respect for life, liberty and the individual pursuits which follow such ideals will light a beacon of hope that will guide us all through these difficult times.

Eve Troeh: Simply sending a note of sympathies to the people of Paris, of France, and yourselves. I’m sure this is a difficult time.

Ronny Walker, Mayor of Ruston: Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your great country.

Catherine Drury: Praying for peace and healing in France.

Thomas Mantis, Hon. Consulate of Cyprus: We are deeply saddened following the events of Friday night. We are sending our prayers and best wishes to the good people of France.

Mayor Lee Posey and the City of Natchitoches: I hope this email find you all well. It is with a heavy heart that I along with everyone you met during your visit to Natchitoches offer our sincere condolences in the wake of the Paris terror attack this past weekend.
Please know you as well as your friends and family back home are in our thoughts and prayers.

John White: C’est avec consternation et beaucoup de tristesse que je vous écris aujourd’hui. Je souhaite adresser au nom du Département d’Education de Louisiane les condoléances les plus profondes aux familles et communautés touchées par ce terrible drame. Nous sommes de tout cœur avec la communauté française et désirons témoigner de notre soutien. Je vous prie d’agréer, Monsieur le Consul général, l’expression de ma respectueuse considération.

Brother Sean CFC, Blessed Pauline Center: Just wanted to let you know that the Christian Brothers here in New Orleans share the grief and pain of "les gens de France" after the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris. We daily keep the victims and their families in our community prayer and hope that healing will come from the support and love from the peaceful people of this world. With every blessing on you and the French diaspora in New Orleans. Our hearts are with you all in prayer.

David Villarubia, Degas House: I’m sorry about these further attacks in Paris. I hope your family is safe. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know. The Degas House is available as needed, as always.

Zachary Richard: Je suis outré par ses actes de barbarie qui affligent la Ville Lumière. Mes sentiments les plus solidaires.

Nadine Ramsey: Mes pensees et mes prieres sont avec vous.

Joseph Dunn: Pensées pour Paris. De tout coeur avec vous en espérant que tes proches sont sains et saufs.

Jay Smith, NOYC: I am sure that I speak for everyone at NOYC when I offer our condolences to you and all Frenchmen for the horrendous attacks executed in Paris yesterday!

Alexandre Vialou, Je te remercie sincerement d’avoir organiser le rassemblement hier a Lafayette Square. Ton discours et celui du Maire etaient tres bons. La serenite et le calme qui regna par la suite dans le square a permis a beaucoup d’entre nous de partager ensemble un moment important.

Alkis Tsolakis, Dean, LSU Art and Architecture: Quelle tragédie, quelle injustice!
Nos pensées sont avec vous!

Albert J. Robichaux, Jr.: I am a frequent visitor to France. I love the country and its people, and my heart was broken by the cowardly attacks on the civilians of Paris. My deepest sympathies are extended to the families of the victims and to all Frenchmen.

Calvin Fayard, Honorary Consul of Monaco: Frances and I are deeply shocked by the sad news of the attacks on Paris. The loss of countless lives in such a senseless and brutal fashion is a pain which is shared by your friends around the world, including those of us in New Orleans. As we rally together to support the French people and government in these unprecedented times, please know Frances and I—both personally and on behalf of the Honorary Consulate Office of Monaco in New Orleans— wish to convey to you our deepest sympathies. In friendship, and with our prayers, we stand ready to assist in any way you may need.

Michel H. Claudet, Terrebonne Parish President: Our condolences go out to everyone in France. We wish you all the best. If you can think of something that we can do in Terrebonne just advise and we will assist.

Vivian Norris et Lene Tassin de Montaigu: Dans Nos Coeurs Toujours. Paris et Nos Voisins. Notre famille. Notre ville.


Michael Kerrigan, President, New Orleans Rugby Football Club: I am writing to you today on behalf of the New Orleans Rugby Football Club as an expression of our solidarity with the people and nation of France. As citizens of New Orleans, we feel a historic kinship with France and we are proud of the cultural links we share with your great nation. Our sport, rugby, has a foundation in brotherhood, and that is a tradition with strong ties across international borders. Our sport teaches us the value and reward of camaraderie across the globe, and instructs us in the mutual support that we can render to those who share these values. Therefore, we regard the recent attacks against your country and people as a grave affront and profound threat to what we hold dear. Please know that you and your countrymen are in our thoughts and prayers during this time, and that our club and the community we represent are here to support you from New Orleans and in any way possible.



Les feuilles tombent
Le ciel est gris
Il pleuvine comme dans un reve
Un reve fige ou Paris pleure

Les feuilles d’Automne s’envolent
Les feuilles seches
Et les feuilles en couleur
Des feuilles rouges s’etiolent

J’ai pas ri, Paris dans le coeur
Les morts complaignent leur disparition
Dans ce reve inoui
Avec les feuilles seches, et encore rouges

Les arbres se deshabillent
Pour pleurer leurs feuilles parties trop tot
Tristes, ils se tiennent la, ebahis
Les feuilles d’automne se decolorent

Le reve d’automne
Un reve en mille couleurs
S’est arrete avec les morts
Et le vent emporte les feuilles

J’ai pas ri, Paris dans mon coeur
Le sang des innocents
Colore la place
Et cet automne est fige

Mais Paris se leve encor
Plein de reves multicolores
Et l’Espoir Tricolore
Fait rever le monde des lumieres de l’Aurore

L’horreur se transformera
Dans une aurore regeneratrice
Et les douces lueurs de l’Aube
Nous reveillent dans l’amour de la Vie

Et la vie de Paris continue
Eblouissante dans ses lumieres
Resiliente et Puissante
Dans son Amour de la Vie

Carl Edward Nicolas

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