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If you would like to leave a condolence message regarding the attack which was carried out against the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, on the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 8 in Paris, you can do so by clicking on the address below. We are very grateful for your thoughts and support in the wake of this tragic event.

Your messages of condolence:

Maria: My sincerest condolences.

Nancy: Know we stand with you, such brave souls.

Vanessa in New Orleans: Je suis française et je réside actuellement à la Nouvelle Orleans. Les mots ne peuvent pas exprimer le chagrin que je ressens. C’est dur de ne pas être en France dans un moment pareil. Toutes mes pensées vont aux familles des victimes. Être exécutés pour avoir défendu notre laïcité et notre liberté d’expression, ce sont eux nos vrais héros.

Cheryl in Opelousas: As a journalist and as a citizen of the world, I grieve with the French people over the terrible attack on Charlie Hebdo. My deepest condolences.

Mark S. Davis, Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy, Tulane Law School: I had hoped to be wishing you a happy new year but yesterday’s tragedy in Paris compels me to offer you more than that. I would like to extend my deepest sympathies and support to you and your countrymen. It is a powerful reminder that heroism and patriotism are not reserved to matters of soldiers and speeches but also to the everyday willingness to do stand up for our freedoms and values. If there is anything that I might do to honor or assist those injured or killed, those who are seeking the perpetrators, and those who have taken to the streets and airwaves to stand up for French and human values it would be my pleasure to do so. I would welcome any suggestions you might have. Today, I believe New Orleans is again part of France.

Brooke E. Smith, Chief of Staff, Office of Mayor Mitch Landrieu:
On behalf of Mayor Landrieu and City Hall, we are grieving with you and the Ville de Paris today. We condemn the cowardly acts of the extremists and stand by France’s commitment to Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. Prayers and thoughts with you.

Philippe Gustin, International Trade Manager, Lafayette International Center:
Nous sommes tous révoltés par cette horrible tuerie et sommes de tout cœur avec toi, tes collaborateurs, la France et les Français.

Daniel Castoriano, Vice President, French-American Chamber of Commerce:
Tous les francais sont en deuil . Les valeurs republicaines ne se soumettrons pas a l’intolerance et a la barbarie. Vive la France eternelle et vive la Republique.

Zachary Richard:
Je suis profondément choqué par la barbarie du 7 janvier et je t’exprime mes sentiments les plus solidaires. Nous sommes tous touchés.

Jeanne: The slain and their families are in our thoughts and prayers! I lost a colleague in this terrorist attack with whom I will never have the opportunity to meet. So tragic…

Doug, professeur de français à Lafayette:
À vous, nos chers amis français, nos plus proches alliés, les défendeurs des droits de l’homme, je vous présente toutes mes condoléances. Le peuple américain est ému par ce deuil qui vous affecte, ce deuil que l’on connaît (malheureusement) bien nous-mêmes. Dans cette difficile épreuve, on vous assure de notre amitié et vous envoie toute notre affection.

Andrew, T. Harry Williams Fellow in History at Louisiana State University:
Vive la France. Vive la Paix. Vive la liberté. Mes condoléances plus sincères à mes frères et soeurs en France. Nous sommes avec vous.

Marianne: my sincerest condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this senseless act of terrorism. and my loving thoughts and support to the people of paris, a city i hold dear to my heart. i salute the brave men and women who fight to uphold our right to freedom of expression. je suis charlie.

Loretta Krasnow, Executive Director, French American Chamber of Commerce:
On behalf of the FACC-GC, (thank you to Ashley Herrick) yesterday’s FACC-GC post stated: Our thoughts tonight are with the families of the victims of this morning’s attack against the magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris and their families. We are all Charlie. #JeSuisCharlie

Les collègues du Ministère d’Education en Louisiane et du CODOFIL:
Chers enseignants français,
La Louisiane est aujourd’hui en deuil ensemble avec vous et toute notre grande famille française.
Sachez que nous sommes profondément attristés et surtout indignés après l’événement tragique à Paris. Les valeurs françaises, elles sont les nôtres et nous soutenons pleinement tous les efforts pour maintenir ces précieux principes qui définissent la francité globale.
Historiquement, la France et les Etats-Unis ont fait face ensemble à des menaces terribles dans le passé et nous avons toujours surmonté ces défis. Rien ne change ici. Comme Américains, comme Louisianais, nous resterons toujours en grande solidarité avec nos confrères et nos consœurs français parce que chez nous, ce serait toujours chez vous.

L.J. "Joey" Durel, Jr., Mayor of Lafayette, LA:
Monsieur l’Ambassadeur de France,
Monsieur le Consul Général,
The people of Lafayette, Louisiana would like to express their deepest sympathy to the people of France following the tragedy that took place yesterday in Paris.
France and the United States have always been allies in the fight against tyranny and the conquest of freedom. Together, we will never cease to fight for our democratic rights and for the strong bonds of friendship that unite our two countries.

Mark: My friend, my heart and prayers are with you and your country.

J. Luis Banos, Jr., CEO, ORX Exploration, Inc.: I want to let you know how sorry we were to learn of the tragic évents in Paris. I am sure that for you and Ingrid, the children and your staff, the évents seem so overwhelming particularly when your hearts are there. The world truly loves Paris and its people and this shall pass.

Aniko: Je suis Charlie.

Maureen, Picayune, MS: My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris during this time of great sadness, especially those innocents whose lives were sacrificed for no reason and their families. I left a piece of me in Paris when I visited many years ago in hopes to visit again one day. We may speak different languages, but we are one people all wanting the same thing . . . peace. It is the minority that wants to destroy this with their intense hatred. Paris, you immediately showed your strong unity and resolve immediately following this tragedy and that you will not be intimidated by the minority. We love you and support you! Vive la France!!!

Ida: Toutes mes condoléances aux familles des victimes touchées par cette acte barbarique. Je suis Française et ca fait presque 18 ans que je vis en Louisiane. C’est tellement dur d’être loin de ma terre natale surtout dans ces moments la, je me sens si inutile, ceci est une photo de ma maison et mon seul moyen de montrer mon soutien…

Fabienne de la Nouvelle-Orléans: Mes plus sincères condoléances aux familles des victimes. Que la France continue de chérir la paix, la liberté, la fraternité et l’égalité; des valeurs qui font la force de notre pays. Je suis française résidente à la Nouvelle-Orléans ET je suis Charlie!

Al and Arlette from Thibodaux: We are here, and we are there,in France with you. We are moved in a way we never were. We are together. We embrace each other.

Jeanne: I feel so badly that the beautiful city of Paris has been attacked. I was there in June, 2014 and feel very close to France. I love the people and all of Country. As a descendant of France I cry and pray for the good people. I am glad to see all of the people there today to defend their beautiful city and country.

Les: Please accept our sympathies for the recent loss of life of the French citizens in the terrible attacks in Paris and accept our thankfulness for the strong stand that the French government has taken against evil. We all pray for security and healing in France.

Ron: Please know that the people of New Orleans are united with our French brothers and sisters during this difficult time. Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of France. New Orleans will always stand with you.

Dino, veteran in Los Angeles: Lafayette was there when we were born as a country. I think the French people who are in this struggle should know that they are not alone. I would hope and pray for the very best.

Phyllis in Lafayette: Especially in Louisiana that has such a close tie to France, we want to extend our hand in solidarity with the French people. We feel close to the people of France, especially here in Acadiana.

Thomas Dardar, Jr., Principal Chief, United Houma Nation:
It is with sincere sadness that the United Houma Nation expresses our deepest condolences for the recent attacks that has occurred at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, and the attacks that have followed there after.
We want to assure you and our French allies that we stand with our brothers and sisters in their time of sorrow.

Joe: I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt support for the citizens of France after the horrific events of last week.

The students and faculty of Northshore High School, Slidell, LA:


Pat and Jeff:
Please let the people of France know that our family is so sorry that they experienced that brutal attack. We love you and are holding for you. Viva la France.

My sincerest condolences and grief over the loss of French patriots of many backgrounds during the Charlie Hebdo attacks...Many Americans would have been proud to stand with your country - defying anyone who believes that murder is an appropriate response to a cartoon. Thank you for standing up for freedom of expression - a right that is essential to the success of any democracy. Vive la France!

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