Commemoration of the Battle of New Orleans

On January 5th, 2019, the Consul General represented France in a ceremony commemorating the Battle of New Orleans alongside Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and descendants of those who participated in the battle.

Battle of New Orleans Ceremony 2019 - JPEG

Five miles east of the French Quarter on Chalmette Battlefield, Major General Andrew Jackson led American forces to victory against the British Army, commanded by Major General Sir Edward Pakenham, on January 8th, 1815 in the last major conflict of the War of 1812. Both sides were unaware that a peace treaty between the two countries had been signed a few weeks earlier. Nevertheless, Gen. Jackson’s victory and subsequent rise to fame had a significant influence on the ultimate success of his Presidential campaign.

Over 200 years later, Consul General Vincent Sciama laid a wreath at the base of the emblematic Andrew Jackson statue in the heart of the French Quarter, in honor of those who fought for the protection of New Orleans, among them some French soldiers.


All photos courtesy James Delery.

Last modified on 10/01/2019

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