CODOFIL teacher reception at the Residence of France [fr]

Following their initial encounter during a training session on September 22nd, Mr. Sciama and his wife welcomed Louisiana’s French Codofil teachers, who work every day to preserve and develop the French language in Louisiana, to the Residence of France on Friday December 8th.

Despite the wintery forecast, teacher from all across the State honored their invitation to come to the event. They were able to converse with the Consul general and the team on the key issues and demands of the program.

Mr. Sciama spoke before the teachers as well as our partners from the Louisiana Department of Education and the Codofil organization. He reminded all of how important the program is to our Consulate and to bilateral relations. On behalf of the Consulate, he reaffirmed his support of Codofil and expressed his deepest respect for the teacher’s hard work and their hands-on commitment to Francophonie in Louisiana.

Last modified on 13/12/2017

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