Breizh Amerika: Brittany lands in Louisiana! [fr]

Don’t miss an evening of breton and celtic music with the group Breizh Amerika in Louisiana!


Come enjoy the sound of Brittany and dance the "gavotte" at the Irish House on Thursday, May 19 at 6pm in New Orleans, and in Lafayette on May 20 and 21.


Charles Kergaravat, proud Breton who settled in New York, seeks to promote Breton culture and business, and will be accompanied by a delegation from City Hall and from the incredible Festival interceltique de Lorient (750,000 visitors every year), which features the best artists from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Galicia, etc.

Merci to our Irish friends for hosting their Breton brothers!

You can find more information on Breizh Amerika Collective and their tour in Louisiana at our website


Last modified on 23/09/2016

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