Agreement between Louisiana State University and the Embassy of France



-  WHEREAS, Louisiana State University (LSU), represented by the Chancellor, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of France, represented by the Ambassador of France to the United States, are aware of the important role of the French language in Louisiana and of the necessity of upholding a high level of educational and university cooperation; and

-  WHEREAS, LSU and the French Embassy acknowledge the need to provide resources, research, and tools for teaching French in schools, particularly in the French immersion programs, and facilitate exchanges between LSU and higher education institutions in France; and

-  WHEREAS, LSU and the French Embassy agree to support the French Education Project for Research and Teacher Education (FEP) in the School of Education at LSU; and

WHEREAS, the French Embassy supports the development of centers located in American universities and whose mission is to promote the development of Franco-American academic relations;

-  WHEREAS, the Center for French and Francophone Studies (CFFS), reporting to the Office of Research and Economic Development at LSU, has been recognized by the French Embassy as an interdisciplinary Center of Excellence; and

-  WHEREAS, LSU wishes to broaden its cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of France through a visible and dynamic Center of Excellence that identifies areas of strength with interests in France; and

-  WHEREAS,LSU and the French Embassy agree to give support to the CFFS as a Center of Excellence; and

-  WHEREAS, the objective of this agreement is to broaden the relationship with LSU and add other areas across the campus to foster research and collaboration by identifying areas of interest, promoting the mobility of students, and providing educational experiences that enrich both parties through a more centralized point of contact,

-  THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this agreement spells out the guidelines for cooperation between LSU and the French Embassy.

Section 1: Objectives

Article 1 – Fields of Application
According to the terms of this agreement, the signatories commit themselves to fostering the emergence of interdisciplinary cooperation between the different LSU colleges, schools and departments and French universities in order to promote research, collaborations and support excellence in academic programs.

Article 2 – Development of University Exchanges
LSU and the French Embassy, agree to reinforce cooperation at university level to encourage university exchanges and partnerships in an interdisciplinary perspective.

Article 3 – Objectives and responsibilities of LSU
The objectives and responsibilities of LSU are as follows:
a. establish a point of contact for the identification of research, teaching, and partnership opportunities
b. identify priorities for collaboration
c. participate in activities promoting collaborative projects
d. promote and participate in activities that foster the use and practice of the French language for students at all levels of education

Article 4 – Objectives and responsibilities of the FEP
The objectives and responsibilities of the FEP are as follows:
a. provide resources to Louisiana teachers and participate in their initial training and continuing education
b. serve as a pilot center for the development of a training program for add-on certification for Louisiana teachers of French immersion
c. participate in activities promoting research on teaching French and on French immersion programs and disseminate the results
d. participate in the organization and implementation of workshops, internships, seminars, research colloquia, and discussion groups in order to disseminate the best pedagogical methods and classroom practices for the teaching of French and Francophone cultures
e. contribute to the development of in-service and continuing education programs and methods for American teachers of French, in cooperation with the LSU School of Education and with the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE)

Article 5 – Objectives and responsibilities of the CFFS
The objectives and responsibilities of the CFFS are as follows:
a. The CFFS will enter a yearly agreement with the French Cultural Services, detailing how it will:
- enhance the stature of France within European Union studies;
- promote France-US relations through interdisciplinary teaching and research programs;
- encourage public-private and research partnerships with France and
- innovate in the realm of outreach activities to encourage student interest in France.

b. Francophone languages, heritage, and cultures are of particular interest along with other areas of mutual interest and exploration, including but not limited to, scholarly exchanges in the areas of :
i. social and educational policy
ii. public affairs
iii. energy
iv. business administration
v. coastal studies
vi. human resource development
vii. civil law

Section 2: Implementation

Article 6 – Contributions of the Embassy of France
The Embassy of France, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, herewith agrees to the following, provided that necessary funds are available:
a. support the FEP in developing resources and programs, and in the promotion of its activities via the Technical Expert (ETI) assigned to the Consul General of France in New Orleans (CGNO) and posted at the LDOE,
b. support the CFFS as member of the French Embassy Network of Centers of Excellence according to the specific agreements now defining that Network

Article 7 – Contributions of LSU
Through this agreement, LSU agrees to:
a. provide access to LSU facilities for events organized by the FEP and the CFFS
b. support the operation of the FEP and of the CFFS
c. encourage the development of the FEP and of the CFFS activities

Article 8- Faculty and Student Exchanges
In order to implement exchanges of faculty and students, the detailed contents must be outlined in a separate international agreement. Specific financial arrangements must be set forth and agreed to by all parties prior to implementation. Requests for such agreements must be addressed to the Office International Programs at LSU.

Section 3: Planning, Evaluation, and Final Provisions

Article 9 – Projected Activities
The FEP and the CFFS will submit their projected activities for the next civil year budget (January to December) to the CGNO in September before the annual meeting for the Embassy budget planning.

Article 10 – Evaluation
The FEP and the CFFS each will write an annual report to the Embassy of France, via the CGNO, as per the calendar set up by the Cultural Counselor. These descriptive and financial statements are to include budgeted activities of the previous civil year (January to December). Payment to the FEP and the CFFS will be made after approval by the Cultural Counselor, who will review the budget reports for the previous year’s grants and the activities planned for the upcoming year.

Article 11 – Translation
The text of this agreement is drawn up in English and in French. Each text is equally authentic.

Article 12 –Duration and Renewal
This document constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. There are no understandings, agreements, or representations—oral or written—not specified in this agreement. No amendment, consent, or waiver of terms of this agreement shall bind either party unless it is in writing and signed by all parties. This agreement is valid as of the day of signing of all parties for a period of four years. At the end of the four-year period it can be renewed with written statements from the Chancellor of LSU and from the Ambassador of France for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sand the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

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Accord de coopération entre LSU et l’Ambassade de France à Washington - version française
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