10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

10 Years After Hurricane Katrina :
Message from the Consul General

New Orleans will soon commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. This event was a tragedy for the people of New Orleans, a city cherished around the world for its unique identity. The international community, united in amazing solidarity, joined the state of Louisiana in its sorrow and its path to recovery.

France and its people have been interwoven with the history of the Crescent City for almost three centuries. The French community in Louisiana, like all the victims, was deeply impacted by this tragedy. Hurricane Katrina reminded us that we are interconnected, not only locally, but across the world.

Remembering its strong and historic ties to the city, France was proud to be among the first foreign governments to react to the crisis, and to have been a major provider of international aid.

Shortly after the tragedy, France was able to ship essential military personnel, emergency equipment and food rations to the Gulf South. Ultimately, disaster relief aid from French companies, as well as from public and private funds, were given to support the revitalization of Louisiana. Working together, French and American collaboration proved to be instrumental in the reopening of charter schools offering French immersion and foreign language programs.

Ten years later, France commemorates the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina with emotion. This is a time to honor the incredible strength and spirit of the Crescent City, and also to recognize the French and Francophile community that witnessed the disaster and returned to the city. Their contribution was essential in preserving its heritage.

France and its people always had faith in the strength and spirit of New Orleans to overcome these challenges and remain one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

In the coming days, the Consulate General of France in Louisiana, which has been a part of the international fabric of New Orleans since 1803, will join the city in its remembrance of this monumental event.

Consul General Grégor Trumel and his staff would like to thank Mayor Mitch Landrieu, and the entire city, for including the Consulate General in the commemoration of this tragedy, and the celebration of the city’s resilience. France will always consider New Orleans a beacon of French in the United States, and looks forward to many more centuries of progress and friendship.

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French Aid to Louisiana After Hurricans Katrina & Rita: By the Numbers
$ 20,3 MILLION Disaster relief aid from French companies and their subsidiaries in the USA
$ 907,875 Sum of public and private funds given to revitalize French education in Louisiana
$ 237,000 Funds raised by the French Heritage Society for the preservation of historic buildings in Louisiana, including: St Augustine Catholic Church, Ursuline Convent, the Degas House, Laura Plantation, the NOMA Sculpture Garden and four creole cottages
80,000 Visitors at the New Orleans Museum of Art’s “Femme, femme, femme: Images of the woman in French society of the 19th century”, the first major exhibition after the museum’s reopening
$ 52,000 Contribution of the French-American Cultural Exchange (FACE) to musicians after Katrina
40,000 Visitors at the Historic New Orleans Collection’s first major exhibition after Katrina, “400 Years of French Presence in Louisiana: Treasures from the National Library of France”
10,000 Books donated by French publisher Biblionef to Louisiana schools
30 Students housed by the Université d’Orléans in France from November 2005 through summer 2006
18 French Red Cross staffers that joined the team in Baton Rouge
17 Military personnel from the French armed forces with expertise in underwater engineering sent to assist with rehabilitation of port facilities, dock clearance and obstacle removal
15 Artists-in-residence from Louisiana at cultural centers outside of Paris
12.7 Tons of emergency equipment on board a Airbus Beluga aircraft sent from Toulouse to Mobile, Alabama
2 CASA aircraft based in Martinique that landed in Little Rock with 6.1 tons of freight, including tents, tarps, and food rations

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