New CODOFIL Teacher Welcome Session 2018 [fr]

The orientation session for new Codofil teachers is traditionally organized each year at the end of July by the Louisiana Department of Education, the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana, the Consulate General of France in New Orleans and other foreign governments.
The session enables our teachers to prepare for their new professional adventure.

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87 of Louisiana’s newest foreign language teachers arrived in Baton Rouge for an orientation session from July 23-27 2018.

Louisiana’s French programs are expanding. Over the past three years, new programs have begun or been extended in Jefferson, Pointe Coupée, and Evangeline parishes. France continues to support of these programs under the franco-louisiana accords.

Among the 53 francophone teachers recruited this year, 36 are French (mainland and overseas territories), 7 are from Belgium, 3 from Canada, 1 from Gabon, and 6 from Louisiana (graduates of the Escadrille program).

These new French teachers will join the 200 others spread our across Louisiana. Their mission is to teach French and in French within immersion programs, in schools that offer French as a second language, or within one of the three establishments in New Orleans that follow the French school system. In this way, they are actively working to sustain and develop francophonie in Louisiana.

In a relaxed yet studious atmosphere, the teachers were able to meet with the program managers as well as their future colleagues. This years’ program, as in the past, featured information complementary to the training they received in Paris. Topics included the Louisiana education system, the particularities of teaching immersion or French as a second language, adapting to a new audience, the "Foreign Associated Teacher" status under a J-1 visa, signing contracts, etc.

Once again, the inter-cultural dimension was emphasized. Our French teachers will have to adapt to a new context, working under the supervision of an American administration, and connect with their Louisiana colleagues who often have a different approach to teaching. Additionally, this program offers our teachers the opportunity to improve their English, enrich their professional practices, and share their experiences once they return to their home country.

The session offered practical advice and information to help them settle in Louisiana (housing, vehicles, various administrative procedures...), presented by current or former Codofil teachers. The goal was to fully address the requirements and difficulties of an expatriation, especially for those who have arrived with their families and/or are moving abroad for the first time.

The new recruits joined their American colleagues to prepare for the first day of school, readying themselves to welcome their new students who are eager to meet their new teacher and begin class, in French!

To all students, parents, and teachers, we wish you an excellent school year!

Last modified on 23/08/2018

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